Your First Tantric Massage

Your first tantric massage may feel like an otherworldly experience. The moment you confirm your appointment with your masseuse you will already begin to feel the anticipation build, imagining how your masseuse’s soft caresses may feel, what emotions this may bring up for you, how alluring your chosen masseuse will look naked and teasing you… Enjoy those feelings, they’re akin to the excitement of going on a first date except that with tantric massage you know for sure you’re going to enjoy your time.

Tantric masseuses are often described as sexy and beautiful but when your masseuse walks in the door you might realize that those words aren’t enough to explain her exquisite body and playful smile. From the moment she walks in your door you may feel a sense of complete submission, this is okay if so as she will be happy to guide you through the session, showing you breathing techniques if you wish in order to still your mind and to centre your energies, intuitively aligning her own sensual energies with yours as she does this so that you may sink into this erotic adventure together. Whatever you’re feeling, do feel free to communicate this with your masseuse so that she may help you explore these desires and emotions.

Your first tantric massage is a uniquely special experience which you will always remember, but the best news of all is that the adventure is only just beginning… the more we indulge in the pleasures of tantric massage, the more in tune we become with our sensual energies and the easier we are able to enhance our sexual, spiritual and psychological wellbeing. Whether you choose to embark on this journey with just one masseuse, or to experience a new lady each time, we at Tantric Dolls are certainly able to make recommendations to perfectly match your personal preferences. 

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