What can we learn from Tantric Massage?

Wisdom through massage...

For most people who have never experienced Tantra it would seem that the words Tantra and education are simply not two that you would associate with each other. That being said the one thing that I have learned in my life is to always keep an open mind and I recommend anyone else do the same.

Tantric massages indeed have an educational purpose and it is one of the most important aspects of your tantric massage. Your masseuse is here to facilitate an experience that is not superficial so to think that you would not learn anything from it is a bit shortsighted.

For a lot of people, a tantric massage in London offers the opportunity to learn a lot about sensuality. Like most adults I am inclined to believe that my time for learning has passed and when it comes to eroticism, ego plays a big role when I say I have done almost everything and know what I like. With tantric massages though I was surprised to see just how much there was about my way of approaching the erotic which I still needed to learn about. There were facets to this form of learning I never expected and things that could only come with the deepest explorations of my body but also of my mind. It was not just an experience of the physical realm but one that taught me what people mean when they say that sex is also in the mind.

Along with learning about sensuality and what intimacy is to me, I also found myself learning how to let go when I have to, how to be present when I have to and how to embrace my spirituality during moments of physical connection. Those are the things that make relationships (even those that are not sexual) work in the healthiest way possible.

All in all getting the chance to enjoy one of the most amazing tantric massages London has to offer offers an incredible learning experience for me in many, many aspects, most of which were surprising to me. So, go into your own London tantric massage with an open mind and the ability to be blown away with knowledge. 

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