Mindfulness and Tantric Massage

One of the many lessons you will learn from your tantric massages is when and how to let go of things. Once this is mastered and you’re able to go for a long time without simply letting your emotions take you over,  you’ll start learning to let go of things that have also finished their purpose in your life.

When your masseuse runs your fingers across your skin she does so slowly, letting you savour every second that she takes rubbing yours skin gently. She’s not rushing, not delaying but simply letting you enjoy each and every moment. When she reaches the desired spot she then removes her touch leaving behind a sensual trace where the oils have been removed and the breeze can hit your skin. This too feels amazing.

All those things have a purpose and when the purpose is fulfilled you let it go. You’re not sitting there waiting for her to stop touching you or for the skin to be coated with oil again… Everything that happened had a purpose and when it was done something else (equally as satisfying) took over.

This might seem inconsequential to most but your masseuse is teaching you the art of letting some things go. Her hand against your skin has served a wonderful purpose and now that the purpose is over it has to be let go of. What people fear when letting go of things is that it might be horrible, it might hurt (both physically and emotionally) so they hang on…

But if the hand isn’t removed then you can’t enjoy the cooling feeling, the touch that will come back and whatever else might be in store. Holding on to one thing will not allow others to happen, letting go too soon won’t let that thing serve its purpose.

In essence Tantra teaches us the art of holding on but mostly it’s the art of knowing when to let go. 

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