The Full Body Orgasm

What does a full body orgasm feel like? How do you know you’ve reached one? Is it possible to reach one during a first tantric session? So many questions have come to my attention regarding full body orgasms lately that I thought it was necessary to address some of them. First, in order to get into them we must explain what a full body orgasm is.

A full body orgasm is the experience of feeling your whole body vibrating with orgasmic energy.  It is important to understand that this can happen without the presence of sexual intercourse. According to experts in sexual health, the reason that we may only experience orgasms on a genital level is because we tend to focus all of our energy there when we are having sensual experiences but the truth is an orgasm is a release of hormones into the body that can be achieved by focusing our mind and body into the experience as well.

With Tantra though you involve your entire body in the experience thus your entire body feels like it is having an orgasm. Can you achieve this during your first tantric session? Yes, given the correct guidance with an experienced tantrica, then absolutely.

Finally… how does it feel? Well exactly how it sounds. It feels like your entire body is alight with the blissful waves of an intense orgasm, a divinely arousing sense of energy release which leaves you feeling deeply content and at peace for a long time after your session, not to mention eager to continue your tantric adventures so you may explore this wonderful ecstasy still further.

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