Emotional Benefits of Tantric Massage

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This week we discuss how sensual tantric massage can benefit us emotionally...

It’s funny how we treat heartache in the world. It’s almost like we’re supposed to ignore it, like only the weak are allowed to feel the pain of loss. For men this is particularly an issue as they seem to not be allowed to be emotional over almost anything. Whenever you hear about depression or the like you tend to hear about women who suffer through it but men seem to be relegated to this corner where pain is not allowed. It actually creates much bigger issues seeing as men are just as capable of feeling pain as anyone else.

So where does a man turn to when he’s hurting? Where is a safe space where he can deal with his emotion and heal? There is of course a sort of shame in admitting you need help and going to a doctor to ‘talk’ about your issues when talking isn’t enough. There are other alternatives, some much more enjoyable than others but if a man is looking to find a way to heal from whatever malady he’s facing tantric massages are a great place to start.

Contrary to popular belief, tantric massages are not a quick fix or a simple ‘one-night stand’ sort of cop out. In fact tantric massages are a form of therapeutic pleasure seeking. It’s a way to be able to express yourself (because yes, there is talking during a tantric massage and it’s not necessarily the dirty kind) and be able to heal wounds that go deeper than the physical. It’s about opening yourself up again, tearing down the walls that you’ve put between you and others and accepting love and pleasure into your life again.

It’s an active form of seeking comfort and a great way to find someone to listen to you and also remind you that you’re capable of great love and the gift of pleasure is yours to enjoy and to share with whomever you please. 

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