Harnessing Feminine Energy

It is no mystery that both men and women experience sensuality in different ways. While men seem to feed off of having power in a relationship women often like being the ones who are worshiped and are made to feel special and wanted. This is something that we have seen throughout the years and even in paintings we often see the female figure being represented as sensual, sultry, beautiful and worthy of our admiration while men are depicted in battle and often being the ones who hold the brush in order to correctly assess the beautiful curves of a woman. That is what we would call ‘traditional’ and there is really nothing wrong with it… except when we refuse to step out of the box and try anything but this version of sensuality.

One of the things that men can be drawn to when it comes to Tantra is that their female energy, the energy that is sensual, beautiful, introspective and sexy is the one that they are going to be using. Their male energy will become part of their female masseuse who will then worship them, make them feel special and even make their bodies seem like the object of beauty instead of her own. This can sometimes feel daunting in its novelty to men trying tantric massage. However, we must not forget that this energy is part of every man too but that they rarely use it and the moment they do can actually be quite powerful for them.

Their entire way of seeing sensuality changes, they suddenly like the be submissive one, they enjoy the fact that a woman has power over them and in the end they realize that it is only by keeping both his female and male energy in harmony that the true act of sensuality can reach its highest expression. There is then nothing to be scared of when it comes to sensuality in this way and the more men realize the more they will be satisfied in bed. A good place to start this journey of self-discovery is definitely trying tantric massages and London and seeing where it goes from there. 

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