The Healing Properties of Tantric Massage

The Healing Properties of Tantric Massage

Have you ever thought of your body’s natural reaction to tantric massages? We are not talking about just the obvious ‘it feels good’ or even (in some cases) orgasm response to the massage but what goes on inside of your body. All in all what is it about tantric massages that makes your body so willing to give into them?

We are not going to bore you with too much scientific information that is hard to comprehend without an actual medical degree. However it is important for us that you understand that the reactions of your body to a tantric massage have been measured and the results are nothing short of amazing. One of the amazing results is that tantric massages don’t give the body the same reactions as sex. A lot of people find this incredible due to just how much sensuality there is in tantric massages. The main difference here seems to be the length of time the massages go for and that the hormonal and chemical reactions of tantric massages are greater and more varied.

There is no doubt that sex is relaxing but not in the same way tantric massages are. In fact tantric massages have been more closely associated with the state of religious ecstasy experienced by some people than with sex itself. This is also where the spiritual association of tantric massages comes from.

Another incredible aspect of tantric massages is that you actually get regenerative qualities from it. This is because our bodies regenerate best when we are both happy and relaxed (as tends to be the case with sleep). This is also due to the fact that physical touch has been proven to be an almost requirement of healing overall and it is also one of the reasons a lot of people claim that tantric massages can help you heal from illness.

All in all tantric massages simply have a great effect on our bodies, helping us relax, regenerate and feel overall happy. It’s a far different picture from the typical quick fix picture that tends to be painted of these erotic massages.

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