The power of touch in tantra

There are few things in this world that are physically as rewarding as the warm touch of another person. Truly, our body reacts to being touched in such a wonderful way that it can actually help you heal, feel more lively and even help your self-esteem, not to mention that it makes you feel sexy.

The feeling of the tips of someone’s fingers just barely touching your skin, dividing that space they’re trailing from the rest of your skin by adding warmth to it. How your hairs stand on end and almost beg the touch to come back and the small trail they leave behind. It’s the feeling of skin against skin and knowing that beyond it something better is coming, more touch, more closeness but it all has to start with that little mark that lets you know someone cares, someone fancies you and someone is willing to let you into their personal space.

If you think of sexy experiences then of course sex is part of it but it’s only the culmination of the act. The sexiest thing that you can do for someone is to touch them gently and discretely, letting them know through gentle fondling that you think they’re the most beautiful person in the world and when they return your touch is like you begin dancing a wonderful waltz of passion.

And of course, it is also incredibly satisfying to be the receiver of this attention too. A perfect way to enjoy this pleasure is by booking yourself a tantric massage, and being indulged by a sensual goddess who lives to provide this joy to all she meets. 

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