Sensual and Erotic Touch

We have all been touched in our lives. Touch is the first thing we experience when we come out of the womb and it is one of the most important experiences we will ever have. After living in a completely comfortable and sustainable environment we are thrust into the cold and scary world and it is our mother’s (or father’s touch) which lets us know we are safe and protected at all cost. This is why touch is such a vital part of anyone’s life, why it brings back feelings of warmth and safety. This is why we should always make sure our touches are gentle and kind or at least have good intention behind them… at least towards those we love.

The art of touching with purpose is something that has been lost to us. We in the western world almost avoid touch altogether now or give it off leisurely, not realizing the power we hold behind it. Touch is the one thing all humans with the ability to feel value above anything else and it can truly bring a person to their knees without even trying.

This is why you need tantric massages in your life. If you love touching and being touched this will take it to a whole new level. When you are touched in a tantric massage it is with the intent to make you feel good, to make you feel like your sensuality is everywhere and like it can be activated with nothing other than a simple movement of someone’s hand. It is the ultimate touch-driven experience because it is bursting with sensual energy and will make you experience touch like you have never experienced it before.

Do you think someone can make sex pale in comparison without ever having to have intercourse with you? If the answer is no then you have never tried a tantric massage in London and trust us when we say you are missing out. You will never be able to see touch in the same light again after the extreme touching that happens during a London night tantric session… and you will definitely thank us later for it. 

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