Tantra and Balance

A lot of people that have had tantric massages for an extended period of time often say that they find themselves incorporating the massages into their daily lives. Of course for people that haven’t had an erotic massage ever this might sound a bit like they’re saying they incorporate the tantric teachings into their sex lives. That does happen and it makes perfect sense but a lot of people might not realize that that isn’t the only time Tantric massages are actually incorporated into a person’s daily routine.

Of course the sexual side of the massages is present when someone is having sex. That is what it most visible about the massages but there are so many other ways that these massages impact your life. From simple things like learning to deal with conflict thanks to the use of meditation and breathing techniques in massages to being more productive at work and even taking care of your body, massages simply make your life better.

For people with self-esteem issues tantric massages can actually help them become more confident and allow them the joy of a normal and happy life with much more confidence. And even for people with issues of overspending, overeating or even overworking themselves Tantra can help them get the balance they need in their lives.

That’s because at its core Tantric massages as well as any tantric art is basically about balance. When you live a balanced life then you live a happy life. When we’re feeling that something is just completely ‘off’ it just means that we feel we have somehow lost the balance that we need in our lives. So, through Tantra we can find ways in which to balance out daily rituals out in order to make them ‘fit’ again. It’s not necessarily all about sex and in fact sex is just a small component when it comes to true tantric meaning.

Although yes, of course, it is wonderful to use Tantra in the bedroom which can lead to much happier lives either way. 

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