Tantric Massage and Mindfulness

We have all heard about tantric massages from one place or another. One of the main things that is often discussed during a conversation about tantric massages is how people learn to not have a sexual orgasm during the massage and we call tantric sex anything that brings us pleasure but that we hold off on, kind of like test driving your favorite car but instead of buying walking away from the dealership empty-handed.

Of course, this is not at all what tantric massages are like but there is a bit of truth in there somewhere and it has more to do with concentration than with actual sexual thoughts.

One of the big issues that people who come to tantric massages have is that during sex they start thinking of something else. This sometimes stems from the fact that men think of something else in order to not finish… tantric masseuses, however, want you to think about what is happening at the moment which means she will teach you how to concentrate.

This is not just about concentrating during sex though as you will not be having sex with your tantric masseuse, but about being able to truly concentrate when you are doing whatever task you set your mind to. For some people that might be listening to their partners and for others it might be working but we all have those moments when our minds just doesn’t want to focus… that’s what tantric massages can help you get a hold of.

By learning how to keep focused in the most pleasurable situations where your mind wants to wander off will also help you learn how to concentrate on smaller things. You will learn how to make sure that you keep your mind steady, keep your thoughts in check and, basically make you a more focused person which in turn makes you seem smarter and more efficient. Yes, all this is possible even when coming from a naked woman, imagine that… 

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