Meditation & Tantric Massage

Often a tantric masseuse will decide that a client will benefit from adding a bit of meditation to their tantric massage session. To some clients this might seems out of place since they may associate meditation with the absence of touch, the absence of sounds and the absence of overt sensuality.

However meditation during a tantric massage cannot just be beneficial but it can also be very sexy. Of course every masseuse has different techniques and every massage is different but here are some things you can experience during a bit of meditation while you are getting a tantric massage.

Longing is the first thing that comes to mind. Whether the meditation is done at the beginning of the massage or near the end what you will feel when you are suddenly cut off from the touch you had been enjoying is not anger, not desperation but a deep sense of longing. It feels like that moment before a first kiss, when you know it is coming and yet it hasn’t quite happened but the tension is there and the longer you draw it out the more it seems to pull at you and bring you as close as possible.

It is a very sensual feeling and when your masseuse brings her hands toward yours, when you feel that bit of touch again that is warm and welcoming you will find it just even more powerful than any touch before.

The other thing that might happen is you will have an easier time getting in touch with yourself. Due to the amount of hormones and chemicals coursing through your body you will feel an intense pull inward, toward your inner self. This is not only sexy but also very calming, relaxing and satisfying. It is a great way to end a massage but also a great way to enhance the sensations during your current massage.

Just remember, meditation does not have to be boring or indeed hard work, and if your masseuse wants to try meditating then give it a chance, keep an open mind and enjoy all the aspects of Tantra. 

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