Heightening Sensuality with Couples Massage

Every tantric masseuse has their preferences when it comes to clients. Of course we all pour our heart into any client we have and we always make sure that they leave our ides feeling happy but we all have our sore spots for certain situations.

For me it’s always been couple’s massages, especially when a couple comes to me hoping to help them through troubles they’re currently having in the bedroom. I guess these are my favorites because it means the couple wants to make things better and they’re doing everything in their power to fix whatever is broken in the relationship. It’s also a lot of fun because often the couples go into the massage not knowing what to expect and once they’re there they find themselves surprisingly able to connect with both myself and each other on a newfound sensual level.

Of course you show the couple what will happen and then you alternate but you also involve the couple in the massage and enable them to unite. Creating a space for physical contact is key because often couples who come to me have lost the ability to touch each other much less bring each other peace and pleasure.

They have grown so distant that touching and breathing together seems unnatural. Often one of the pair loosens up a little and actively tells their partner that they’re enjoying their touch along with mine. This is when the massage truly begins to have a deep and lasting effect. The couple had grown so used to feeling anxiety around each other that when you take that anxiety away the erotic experience can truly take place.

It’s all about relaxing, teaching them how to be relaxed around each other so that words can flow and so that touch can be the way they communicate if they need it. As the massage continues attention is not divided but shared, much like love would be. The idea is to get the couple on the same page, so that they can feel each other through me and through their own connection. The amazing thing is that with couples you can also push the envelope a little and by the end it’s amazing to see how their faces are just alight with smiles.

For me it’s always been one of the most gratifying tantric experiences and I hope to help many more couples during my career. 

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