Begin Your Tantric Massage Journey

There is a difference between having a tantric massage and starting a tantric journey. One tantric session will be full of sensuality, filled with fun and incredible emotions and with many tantric sessions you will still get that but also so much more. There are many things tantric journeys can teach us about ourselves and one of them can be exactly how much we want another person to share our lives and our tantric journey with.

When I tell people they can find love through Tantra most look at me like I’m crazy. Of course they think that because you’re being sensually open with someone already that no partner will want to accept that in their life. The truth is that the kind of people you want to be attracted to are precisely those that can see past the looking glass and realize that Tantra is not only something you two can share but that they can enjoy thanks to you.

So yes, finding love thanks to Tantra is possible and the type of love you will find is that of somebody who is ready to commit to not just pleasure but real intense connections. One of the reason so many people come to Tantra in the first place is to learn how to make their connections become long lasting and deeper so it makes sense that once you know how to do that you share it with someone else. If you’re not ready for anything serious that doesn’t mean you can’t find love.

Loving people is not restrictive to it being romantic or that you can’t simply find the love for yourself that you had misplaced. In the end Tantra is all about love and finding it thanks to your ability to open up to your masseuse is not just a possibility, it’s a reality. 

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