Sensuality Through Meditation

When you hear the word meditation the last thing you might think is that your tantrica would want to include a moment of it to your massage. Before you start thinking that this takes away from the sexy aspect of your massage I want you to take a moment to picture this:

You’re in bed with your masseuse and she draws you close to her, you’re sitting in front of each other and her legs slowly slide to either side of your body. You feel the way her firm thighs gently rest on your own and she tells you to close your eyes. She reaches over with her hands to grab your own and place it on her chest so you can feel her motions as she breathes.

She tells you to breathe to her rhythm and invites you to take a moment and just feel with your eyes closed. You match your breathing pattern to her’s and suddenly feel a hand that slowly caressing your skin, slowly tracing her sensual touch upyour neck now.

Focusing on her teasing touch causes your heart to beat faster, and your tantrica reminds you to slow your breathing once more so you may stay present in this tantalizing moment for as long as possible. She caresses the contours of your lips and takes a moment to take a big long breath and asks you to do the same.

You’re so close to the warmth from her body as she tells you to think of something peaceful, you lose track of her hand again but it ends up cupping your other hand and before you know it your breathing has settled and you are once again lost in the seduction of her caresses.

Anything can be sensual, your masseuse is trained for it and even if she doesn’t follow this exact pattern just know that meditation before your massage, after your massage or in the middle of it can not only be beneficial but it can be just as sensual as the rest of it. 

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