London in the Autumn

Just because it’s getting a bit colder out doesn’t mean that the London party scene is over. Far from it. Truth is London holds parties no matter the weather and we’re quite used to dreary weather as it’s what we have most of the year.  Many people may complain and groan about it but it does build character….

In any case you don’t have to worry about staying in during the colder and rainier months. In fact it’s a great time to come out. The coats come off rather quickly, you see, because once you get the spirits in you it’s hard to stay cold. Dancing becomes a national sport, sort to speak, as it keeps the body warm and it does help deal with those extra calories from the hot chocolate and tea with sugar.

The nights are ablaze with London beauties testing out their dancing feet and when it’s all said and done you couldn’t care less if it’s raining, cold or dark…. There’s also something about the colder months that brings out the secret parties, the ones you find through word of mouth and even the food tastes better simply because it’s warm.

You’ll catch girls like our very own sexy tantric masseuses gracing the London scene. So, if you’re coming to visit London in the winter don’t expect the streets to be empty. In fact, expect London’s bars and restaurants to be busier than ever. And should you wish to indulge in a bit of relaxation before or after your revelry, you know where to find us…

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