Tantra for Creativity

Open your mind with tantric massage!

Creativity seems to be something we lose somewhere along the line. In fact when we are children we are constantly pushed to be creative but if you have ever been in a class of college aged adults and asked them write a short story you will find that creativity is the last thing on their minds. Maybe it is because we are so used to the idea of creativity not being practical and non-practical things don’t make money and as we know, if you are not making money you are not doing anything ‘of importance.’ However being creative is something that is actually necessary for humans to live healthy lives. You don’t need to be able to write a symphony but at least being able to express yourself in some medium is part of creativity and it is important.

But if you feel like you have lost your creativity where do you even begin? It’s not like you can just pick up an easel and draw and even if you could what would you even draw or paint?

What you need is a way to jump start your creativity and better yet allow yourself the time to meditate about yourself and what it is you want to express. It doesn’t matter how you express it (writing, talking, singing, dancing or even drawing) as long as you know what you want to get out there and how.

This is where tantric massages come in. Looking past the big pink elephant in the room (the whole physical sexual side to it) the truth is that tantric massages are an amazing tool for mediation for those that don’t really want to go full yogi about it. Seriously it does sound crazy but the reality is that tantric massages are more about introspection than anything. The pleasure you feel in your body during the massage is only as a means to get you to truly feel the massage inside, to get in touch with your inner self and truly listen. When we meditate this is essentially what we are doing but by ignoring our bodies, through Tantra we achieve this by listening, by allowing our bodies such deep levels of pleasure that our brains are invaded by the need to look inward. This also means that you are able to think more clearly (added bonus, blood flow to the brain) and thus become creative.

A lot of people coming out of tantric massages talk about feeling inspired so why don’t you try it and discover the benefits for yourself?

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