Exploring Lesbian Tantric Massage

Females are welcome here!

One thing that I have learned throughout the last couple of months as a tantric massage client in London is that tantric massages have opened my mind up much more than my body.

I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t going into this tantric journey as a bit of a skeptic… Who wouldn’t? A massage that assures you it is filled with sensuality, performed by a naked woman that isn’t about sex? Yeah, right. Still, I did my best to keep an open mind and told myself I was doing this to prove to myself that I wasn’t scared to try new things. As a woman though, I must admit that there was an added amount of, I don’t want to say shame, but fear… Was she going to judge my body? Was I supposed to be attracted to her? It was just a lot of unknowns!

Thankfully the moment she came into my house my masseuse made me feel like we were best friends and I was so thankful because most of my fears were gone, if only for a second because then I was lying down butt naked with a woman on top of me doing the most… incredible things with her body.

Here is where it gets interesting though. My body, of course, was reacting beautiful but what I didn’t expect was how much my mind was just… engaged and how much I needed this. It wasn’t that I needed my masseuse as a woman but I needed her to help me realize just how much of myself I have been hiding away. I needed her to guide me through my mind to the places where I’ve hidden hopes, dreams, fantasies and even some fears. I needed her to guide me to the places where pleasure was hidden because at some point I was told it was shameful or wrong.

I needed my masseuse to show me my mind because only then would my body follow. Yes, I am experiencing sensuality in a far more fulfilling way now, but it’s got nothing to do with unlocking any secrets in my body… but with unblocking all the secrets that were locked away in my mind. 

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