The Many Pleasures of Tantric Massage

When you read articles on Tantra there are two kinds of ways tantric massages are presented. One is the most common (and completely valid) idea that tantric massages are all about a night of fun experiences that can leave you with the best memories, an incredible smile and a desire for more sensual fun in the future. Then there is the other story that is often called the tantric massage journey and it begins with just one tantric massage that seeks to change the way you view sensuality and begin a journey of sensual enlightenment.

Both of these directions are perfectly acceptable when approaching a tantric massage. There is absolutely nothing wrong with simply seeking to enjoy a night of fun and perhaps never getting another massage again (although we’re willing to bet that you will want to simply because it’s an amazing experience) but the mentality of this is different from that of someone going in to start a true tantric journey.

Tantric journeys are all about consistency and they’re for people who are tired of living their lives without truly enjoying the full scope of sensuality and pleasure. Your first tantric massage in your tantric journey is all about finding what to work on, how to let go and be in the moment.

Both types of massages are equally as enjoyable, equally as sexy and you’ll be getting just as much body to body contact as possible in both. It is your mentality going into it all that is different. And it is always good to know that in the end your masseuse will be just as hands on, just as passionate and just as sexy whether you’re planning to get more massages in the future or not, you can also have many massages and always just focus on your personal enjoyment.

There are no wrongs in the world of Tantra.  Also know that it is okay to change your mind and what started off as an exciting night of new experiences can easily turn into a lifelong commitment to sensuality, pleasure and ecstasy.

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