What is our Four Hand Massage Experience

When you’re looking to have your first tantric massage you might be thinking of starting off small and then working your way up. While there is nothing wrong with this approach and you might enjoy it very much, what about people who want to start with a (figurative) bang? So maybe you want an experience that truly seals the deal and that feels more like a fantasy than a slow burn? Then a four hand massage is definitely a massage you should consider for your first time.

Let’s face it… most men have a desire to sleep with two women at once and yet most men also wouldn’t know what to do with themselves if they had to please two ladies at the same time. What’s the solution? Have two ladies come and please you. Of course you won’t be having sex with your two masseuses but they’ll make sure you don’t miss out on the divine sensuality of having two nude goddesses in your presence. The four hand massage is more like a slow erotic dance of three than a mess of arms and legs. You’re going to be the centre of attention of two women who you’ve handpicked due to their beauty and tantric talents.

This complete pampering of your body will have you feeling like a Greek god surrounded by beauty. Your skin will receive the most amount of stimulation you’ve ever felt and all your fantasies will suddenly seem like realities. It’s definitely not the way most people will choose to begin a tantric journey but for those that like to do things a bit more daringly and who want a night they’ll always remember, starting on this high might be the exact thing they want to get hooked on Tantra for good.

Perhaps it’s a onetime thing but after experiencing the lovely touch of two experienced tantricas at the same time it’ll be much harder to say no to more. So, if you’re more adventurous than most, don’t be scared to start off strong and then maybe if you like what you see you can begin a journey that will involve many beautiful women and many more alluring experiences. 

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