Tantric Massage Improves my Physical Pleasure & Wellbeing

The body positive movement is great but it seems sometimes men are forgotten in it. As a man it might be hard to truly feel good about your body sometimes and we don’t exactly have a lot of people to talk to about our feelings. One of the ways I learned how to deal with this was actually to try tantric massages. Not only did I find that I was enjoying the massage but slowly I started seeing my body in a whole new light.

Every man out there wants to impress in bed and there is a lot of pressure put on us to perform in a way that we please but also are pleased. The running joke is that men not only are selfish in bed but also that we don’t even last long enough for women to get in the mood. This actually leaves most men feeling like we’re completely inadequate at having sex.

Once I started tantric massages though sex stopped being such a negative experience where I was constantly feeling like I was being outperformed. I started seeing that I could last longer and also just be better and more present.

Before getting a woman to orgasm was not as easy so I felt very self-conscious. However, once I started to see how good I could be to someone else and how I could make them feel within the realms of a tantric massage experience, it just sparked a whole other level of self-confidence within my sex life too.

Essentially I had started to understand the importance of sensual pleasure receiving and giving,  I started seeing myself as more in alignment with my desires, and it wasn’t even all about the physical. Accepting myself and working on myself from the inside made the outside just look and feel great. Surprisingly after achieving this level of enjoyment I even joined a gym and while I might not look like a Hollywood star I have lost some weight and look forward to taking care of myself much more. 

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