Mayfair Massage

At some point we all grow tired of being told what to do.

In fact, the older we are the more we resent people telling us how to live our lives. There are a few exceptions to this though and one of them is sex.

Maybe it’s that we are still a bit unsure of whether we are having the best sex out there or not but for some reason people still are willing to pay attention to what others have to say about their sex lives.

People spend countless hours looking at articles online wondering how they can follow all of this advice and somehow turn into sex gods.

Of course none of it works.

Sex advice doesn’t work simply because sex is much too personal of a thing to allow yourself to be influenced by so many people. We are all unique when it comes to sex and maybe what works for most simply isn’t your thing.

That’s where tantric massages in Mayfair come in, so you can cut out the crap and finally stop listening to what others say about your sex life.

Many people think that tantric massages Mayfair are actually all about following the masseuse and doing what she thinks it’s sexy. This is all wrong.

A tantric massage in Mayfair is about the masseuse learning from you what you feel is sexy and allowing you to experience that free of guilt and free from outside influence. Of course this is not about you having sex with the masseuse but about creating a sensual space where sex is not necessary to be completely satisfied... at least with the massage.

With all your cues your masseuse will make a massage that is not only enticing and sensual but catered to your specific needs. Certain positions will be introduced as you recreate the sexual act and you will be able to experiment in a way you might not have been able to before. This is a time about you and only you... Your masseuse is there to pamper you, to rub you, to stroke you and to make you feel like a king (or queen) of your domain.

So, stop listening to others, stop wasting money on things that don’t work for you and instead start listening to yourself and find how you can have the best sex in your life by simply having the sex that you want to have.

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