Touching with Purpose

Touch is such a powerful tool for humans. It can convey so many things that we cannot express otherwise. It creates longing, something that not even the best technology can reproduce even today. Touch can help you when you are grieving, can give you that extra bit of encouragement you need and can even make you feel like everything is going to be alright even when the world is falling apart. Touch is a powerful tool and yet many of us do not know how to use it correctly.

Just like anything else touch can be used without consequence or it can be used with purpose to transmit things that we want it to. Our touch can have profound effects on another person then, if we learn how to use it in a way that is practical, purposeful and meaningful. This is especially true when it comes to being intimate with one another. Of course there is little to no intimacy to be had without touch but a lot of people forget how important it is to truly touch each other during the act of sexual intercourse.

There is hugging there might even be a playful bite or two but we rarely stop and make our hands and much less other part of our bodies the central attraction of sex. This is what is so alluring of a tantric massage in London… it is all the amazing sensations that one would associate with sensuality but done only through touch, meaningful touch.

Your entire skin becomes a landscape for your masseuse, a place of exploration and with each rub, stroke and caress she will be able to show you just how important it is to actually take your time when touching someone else because you will be able of feeling the benefits on your own body.

Touching can be relaxing but it can also lead to passion lust and even an incredible experience such as the full body orgasm. So, take heed, pay attention and when your masseuse is touching you let go of your inhibitions and simply learn and enjoy the magic of human contact. 

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