Tantric Massages Create Lasting Memories

If you have never had a tantric massage then you might be wondering what the big deal is. So many people simply seem to go crazy over these massages that seem like nothing other than glorified masturbation. The thing is that for those of us that have experienced a tantric massage hearing that is actually almost sad because tantric massages are so much more.

First of all there is no glorified masturbation in a tantric massage. An erotic massage is so much more than that. In fact for most people what is most memorable about a tantric massage is the little things, the little moments when you noticed something changing in your mind and body that are truly amazing.

Just like in life, grand gestures are usually forgotten but small kind acts are remembered throughout.

For those of us wo have experienced a tantric massage, the moments we tend to remember are those small caresses, those moments of stillness between one stroke and another or when our skin felt a longing unlike any other. It’s the moments where a breath held the world on the edge of its seat waiting to be let out and when a moan was deeper than any word could be.

Remembering the moment you discovered something amazing about your body, like how you have never been touched somewhere that feels as good as the palm of your hand, is probably something that will last a lifetime.

But more than that is remembering how it felt to meet another person on a deeply connected, emotional level and how you realized that sex, sensuality and eroticism all truly have their start in emotions.

Those are the moments that make tantric massages memorable so much more than the moments which may have been steamy and sensually satisfying all the same. The memories of deep connection are the moments that change the way you look at sex, at your life, at the way you think, even. Those are the moments people may not realize they are seeking when they go for a tantric massage, but in the end those are the moments that make the appointment not just worth it but truly something memorable.

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