Enjoying The Female Form

A client I had a London tantric massage with recently brought up a good point about massages. He said that when the experience started he thought he had chosen a masseuse because her body was pleasing to him and he wanted to enjoy it. Of course, choosing your masseuse due to how much she appeals to you physically is common practice so I understood where he was coming from but what he said next was what shocked me. He said that he didn’t realize just how little he had truly enjoyed the female form until a woman was the one paying attention to him and not the other way around.

Appreciation through tantric massages

In his experience, he had always seen women’s bodies as something enjoyable and beautiful in a way men could never be as it is a soft and curvaceous form which can be worshipped easily. However, he mentioned that when he was with women before he touched them in a way that was enjoyable to him. He enjoyed their bodies as if they were there to serve a purpose for him. Instead when he was enjoying a tantric massage London and let the women be the one to do the worshipping he found that he could enjoy a lot more by simply looking and feeling and not demanding.

The female form is so beautiful and he felt almost like he was experiencing it for the very first time in a way that was less about him and more about it. He was seeing me through his senses and not his needs and that is something I will always hold dear as a tantric masseuse. The idea that a man can gain a whole new appreciation of women thanks to a tantric massage in London is something I never expected and I am very grateful for. 

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