Tantric Massage & Positive Energy

Through the week it’s not only common that we store negative energy but it’s almost expected. It’s going to be there no matter what we do and even when we’re positive and try to not let it affect us it inevitably does at some point. This is not a bad thing and expecting to live a life devoid of negativity is simply a ridiculous thought. What matters is what we do with that negative energy and how we make sure we don’t plant it in the garden of our mind lest we find that all we’re reeking is poisonous.

Every person is different and has a different way of dealing with negative energy but if you are like me then a good way to do so is by transforming it into something a lot more enjoyable. Through tantric massages I learned years ago to transform my negative energy into pleasure. I learned that my anger and sadness could be released in the form of tantrums and depression or I could have someone help me turn it into something so positive that it was truly enlightening.

My anger could be turned into such a fiery passion that it awakened pleasure I had never known and my masseuse knew just the way to get me to achieve that. She could easily turn a massage from gentle to invigorating within the blink of an eye and that anger would just begin to melt away and be released from my body in such a satisfying fashion it left me nearly panting in the end.

My sadness could be turned into tenderness instead of self-loathing and by gently caressing my body, holding me close and even bringing her body next to mine at the end of the massage I found myself again completely at ease and satisfied. Tantra has truly helped me achieve a way of releasing my energy in a positive light and also learn a lot about my sensuality and my needs.

I urge anyone who feels they have built up of negative emotions to make a booking today anywhere in London and see the big difference a well-placed hand at the perfect moment can make. 

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