The Origins of Tantra

Read about the sacred origins of tantra

Tantric massages have been around for thousands of years. In the beginning tantric massages were used to balance the mind, body and spirit as it was actually a form of meditation that stood against the status quo which stated that one could only achieve a higher sense of being by removing the mind from the body. Supporters of Tantra then came together to show that it was by stimulating the body with pleasure that the mind could easily fuse with it and become one.

Today tantric massages have pretty much the same purpose, to bring our two selves together in order to bring peace and joy into our lives, to gain inner tranquility and a greater appreciation for the body that allows all of this to be possible.

As you can imagine, this peace brings along a lot of other benefits to all the areas where our selves are concerned.

Tantric massages of course work on the sensual side of our minds, spirits and bodies, thus teaching us how to use our intuition to bring forth true pleasure. This might seem trivial to some but sexual and sensual health is integral to living a life that is healthy. Feeling sensual helps our self-esteem grow and being in control of our own pleasure gives us power and helps us achieve communication that is effective and meaningful.

Healthy sensual health also means a healthy immune system, something that a lot of people take for granted. We need sensuality in our lives to live fully and if we ignore it sickness can come upon us.

In the realm of relationships tantric massages help us control our impulses and deal with emptions as they come and not hide them from others. For men this is especially important as it opens up the idea of vulnerability both in the bedroom and out of it. For women it means being given the opportunity to take their orgasms into their own hand, giving them the power that has been taken from them and thus making them assured in discussions, much more physical and much more confident when talking to others. 

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