Experience Tantric massage with your partner

The benefits of tantric massages for a single person are obvious but how can a couple use tantric massages as a way to help them both as individuals but also as a team? It seems like tantric massages are such a personal thing and the idea of having a partner participate might seem odd but it actually is not odd at all! In fact it is very good for couples who are having issues to try tantric massages for a couple of weeks and see if that can help them solve their problems.

Tantric massages essentially just open the lines of communications that have been shut off. In fact if you think back to what is one of the things that happens when couples are not doing so well is that they shut off physically way before they do so verbally. Physical closeness brings intimacy and we are not talking about sex here. Intimacy is the feeling of being able to trust someone, of being able to talk to them honestly without fearing their reaction. That is what goes out the door when you shut off physically and you can easily resent that from one another, instead through Tantra you can reopen the lines of physical communication that will melt the ice you have created between you.

Yes, there is also the great love making that can come with tantric massages but more than that you and your partner will learn to set aside time for you to just communicate, to talk to each other and to truly make this a priority. In fact a lot of times couples that come to Tantra realize that all they needed was to set aside that time to be together, to not have the kids interrupt, to have their mobile phones tucked away and to just look at each other and remember how lucky they are to have the other person in their lives.

This might not sound like the sexy answers you were looking for but remember that truly amazing sex can only come when there is a truly amazing foundation of trust.

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