Enjoy a Sexy Four Hand Massage

What is better than a tantric massage? A tantric massage with two masseuses of course!

That is exactly what you will be getting with the ever so popular four hand massage. You get to pick not one but two girls to come meet you and give you the massage you’ve wanted to experience your whole life. Why two? Well there are many reasons but here are some of the most common:

You have a hard time staying in the moment.

Even though tantric massages are very keen on keeping your attention some people simply find it hard to concentrate when a massage is happening. Maybe you are way too stressed in your real life, maybe work has got you down or maybe you just have a hard time focusing, well a four hand massage can help your brain essentially shut down the rational side as both masseuses massage you.

What happens is that since both women are going to be acting as one your brain will try to keep tabs on who is doing what but there will be appoint that your brain will simply not be able to follow which means that it will give up the rationale and allow you to simply feel, a good little trick for anyone who might need a little extra help concentrating on the sensations and staying in the moment.

You have a threesome fantasy.

Yes, this is the perfect way to tap into that part of you that is a little bit kinky and that wants to experience something that is as close to the real thing as possible. What man hasn’t wanted two women completely devoted to pleasing him? Well, thanks to four hand massages they now can.

You are too tall.

This might surprise some people but sometimes being too tall means not having your entire body taken care of! With two girls working on you at the same time though that is hardly going to be a problem anymore. 

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