An Interview with Suri from Tantric Dolls.

Q. Hello Suri, what made you choose to work for Tantric Dolls?

A. Well I am an independent lady who knows what she wants in life. I have a goal and I know hard work will help me achieve what I have planned for my future. When training in the arts of tantric massage a lot of other girls were moaning about how agencies were treating them regarding pay and a few other issues that I won't go into. This scared me, the prospect of working under an agency who would treat me badly. I spoke to one of my instructors and I was recommended the Tantric Dolls massage agency.

I researched about the agency and looked around their website. I liked the massage services they were offering and I filled out the recruitment form and sent in a few images of myself which was extremely easy. I was contacted the same day and we discussed the rates I would receive and I was even able to chose when I would be working which was great as I could fit my career around my personal life. I have now being working for Tantric Dolls for 2 years and have been treated very well. I am very happy.

Q. How was your first ever booking?

A. Obviously I was very nervous as it was my first booking with a Tantric Dolls client and I really wanted to impress. The booking was for an hour outcall Body to Body massage. I set off extra early to the gentlemen's apartment because I didn't want to be late. He was a handsome 30 something year old man. He was really nice but I could tell he had, had a stressful day at work. He offered me a glass of wine which settled my nerves. The massage went really well and I wish I hadn't of worried earlier on in the day as everything went great. I was even tipped which was a really nice surprise. All in all for my first booking I couldn't of ask for a better experience.

Q. What is the best things about being a London based masseuse?

A. I really enjoy the socialising aspect. You get to meet a lot of really interesting people who are looking for a good time. It is always nice to meet people who have different backgrounds and personalities to you because it keeps me on my toes. Whilst socialising I also get to see really nice places in London like restaurants, hotels and site seeing destinations.

Q. What is the worst part about being a London based masseuse?

A. That is easy. The city is always really busy and the traffic drives me mad. I will always try my very best to never be late for a booking. Sometimes the traffic is that bad I have to use public transport to make sure I am not late. This can be quite expensive and annoys me.

Q. How often do you work per week?

A. I try to work 5 days a week. Sometimes I can work more, some weeks I have to work less. But that is why I love Tantric Dolls as I am allowed freedom. I try to let my regulars know about my availability because I never want to disappoint anyone. I am always trying to work though because I always want to be financially stable for the future.

Q. Would you recommend becoming a masseuse to other ladies?

A. I'm not sure. To be able to provide high level massages you need to be passionate about the industry. You need to love the art of tantric massage. It is not as simple as just rubbing oil on someone and moving your hands around, it is a skill that does take time to perfect. However if you do have that passion then of course I would recommend the career to anyone. The pay is really good and the lifestyle that comes with the job can be very interesting.

Q. Finally, would you recommend working for Tantric Dolls to anybody?

A. Oh 100%. Since day one I have been treated with nothing but respect. The agency is discreet and professional meaning I am not worried about my details being sold or leaked and I earn a good amount of money each week. I can not speak highly enough about Tantric Dolls and if anybody is looking to become a masseuse then I would say look no further than Tantric Dolls.

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