Rekindling Passion In Your Relationship With Tantric Massage

Have you ever felt disconnected to your partner? I have. In fact most of us will at one point or another feel that there is definitely something off about our relationship. We might not be feeling like we are out of love but simply that the passion you two once shared is gone. As a tantric masseuse working in Knightsbridge I don’t only see this but I have experienced it myself several times.

Sometimes we are stressed and don’t spend enough time together while other times we simply are in the same room and yet don’t talk to each other because everyone is doing their own thing. It’s natural but it can become a problem. So here are my tips as a tantric masseuse as to what to do when you and your partner are simply feeling out of sorts with each other.

1. Get intimate with a tantric massage.

Of course you know I am going to suggest this but honestly it is a great way to just remember how good it feels to be together. You don’t have to have sex but just being able to be this close again can get you both to a place where you feel connected, in love and comfortable with each other.

2. Cuddling together with no electronics at night.

If a tantric massage is a bit extreme for you then perhaps try a cuddle session before bed. You will turn off your electronics and just hold each other. You will be surprised how quickly this turns to talking! Maybe there is something on your minds that hasn’t been said before and this is precisely the time it will come out.

3. Do something fun together.

When was the last time you acted like teenagers and did something fun? Well now it’s the time to do it. Perhaps that is all that’s missing… the sense of excitement that you both once had about each other and spending time together! With a little adventure you will be able to get that all back and get on the path you set out for yourselves a long time ago.

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