Benefits of Delayed Orgasms for Women

Those with even a basic knowledge of tantric techniques will know that masseuses work to build up the energies within the body, teasing our senses to provide a prolonged and more intense release of energy The idea of delaying pleasure may be more foreign to women than our male counterparts.

As our bodies are unlike men’s in that they can experience multiple pleasures in succession we may not feel the need to delay sensual gratification. Similarly, with female pleasure often taking the backseat to male arousal in Western society and many frustrating taboos and norms holding women back from exploring their bodies full potential, it is a sad reality that female physical pleasure is rarer than the male experience despite the aforementioned point!  

One factor contributing to this is that in the bedroom men tend to have a faster pace than women. This leaves many women wanting. A fact that perhaps puts delaying our pleasure very low on our list of priorities.

One simple way that tantra counters this is through encouraging us to be present during our pleasure, to connect with our partners and our bodies in a way that indulges and intensifies the whole experience without focusing on a goal or outcome. Rushing the heights of pleasure is unheard of to those who have let tantra into their lives. Every tantric technique from breathing to visualisation and slowing the base enhances a woman’s capacity for pleasure.

Practical tantric sexual practice means we can truly begin to experience our bodies incredible potential for pleasure and feel the full force of our sensual power with our partners, allowing for a more intimate shared experience. For both partners there is nothing like the coming together for energies, the prolonging of pleasure and the enhanced intimacy that tantric techniques introduce into our lives. 

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