Self Care for Men

It seems that the idea of men and self-care is kind of unusual in our society. If you look at any publication aimed at women the words ‘self-care’ are plastered everywhere and men actually seem to not be invited to the party. This is, of course, a ridiculous notion as we all need a little bit of self-care every now and then.

If you are a man and you are reading it then maybe you have been feeling stressed, under the weather or bored and want to know ways of dealing with the issues that arise from feeling this way. This is all self-care is, really; taking the time to yourself to take care of your problems and not ignore them. Sure, you might be tempted to ball up and play video games or go out drinking but is that really self-care or avoidance?

Of course to you self-care might not look like it does for women. Perhaps going to the salon or a spa is not something that will interest you but there are plenty of options out there for men that will indeed make taking care of yourself not only enjoyable but effective.

One of the things that most men don’t realize that can be great for them to take care of themselves and still feel manly is something like an erotic massage or a tantric massage in London. A lot of people would think that these massages fall under the umbrella of avoidance but actually tantric massages don’t help you forget your problems but actually deal with them in a new and innovative manner: sensual exaltation.

That’s right, you will find a way to deal with your problems not by ignoring them in lieu of sensual desire but because of it. Your masseuse will not be a conduit of avoidance but one of introspection and self-examination. In the end your ability to work through your stress and worries will be rewarded with a full body orgasm that will make you feel relieved, refreshed, revitalized and satisfied. Now that’s a great way to end a night of self-care if I ever heard of one. 

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