Tantra for Exploring Desires

The world of sensuality is so vast that it shouldn’t surprise us that what turns us on might be a lot different than what turns other people on. Great sex happens when two people know exactly what they want and those two wants line up so perfectly it creates a sort of bubble around them that is only penetrable by pleasure.

This isn’t just a question of physical things but also of emotions. Two people in love have great sex for sure (and even more so if they know what they want physically too) but two people who know they want no attachments other than this instant of sensuality can also create that same halo around them. In the end, good sex comes down to knowing what you want and what turns you on.

Surprisingly few people in London seem to know how to figure out this part of themselves. This is when things get complicated and you want one person to feel one way or you feel your needs aren’t being met

This is why tantric massages are so important. Of course you and your masseuse want the same thing (your mutual enjoyment) but she is good at finding what other things you want and adapting the massage to you. You’d be surprised at how many people have no idea (or the wrong idea) of what they want in terms of sensual experience.

A masseuse is an expert investigator and with the hands of her are hands and body she will help you explore all avenues and all desires to get you to find the place that you truly feel comfortable in. She’ll try new things and bring out of you that sensual god that you have inside so that you can confidently choose people that share in your same spectrum of sensuality. Meanwhile, while you find that other person, take the time to explore, ask your masseuse to try different things and, above all, have the best time of your life. 

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