Female Kundalini Energy

Even in the 21st century, western civilization and culture can at times view the woman as weak in comparison to the man. The idea of a woman taking the lead in any sort of sensual act is seen at times portrayed as demeaning or disempowering. This can’t be further from the truth when it comes to the woman’s role in the tantric tradition where the woman is considered to be higher than the man. 

This does not mean, however, that socially the woman is superior to the man but that as far as spirituality is concerned she is naturally in the evolution of higher consciousness. Awakening of kundalini is much easier in the body of a woman than in the body of a man.

Women have always been described as being much more in tune with their inner selves than men. This means that she is naturally connected to the higher consciousness of self so when she has to connect there isn’t much she has to do but listen. For a man it’s much more difficult and thus why women have to be the ones holding the man’s hand for him to take on the journey of enlightenment and be able to retain that which he learns, feels and sees there.

That’s the masseuse’s role for a man. She takes your hand and together you’ll be able to delve into your inner self. That’s done through the use of many practices that are unique to your experience but all of them lead to one thing: pleasure. Women that are spiritually and sexually awakened aren’t scared to experience pleasure and since this is something that’s so much more than skin deep they try to help a man get there through means that fit to him.

A woman is naturally empathic so she will be able to take you with her with little knowledge of who you are and you will gladly show her along the way. Men are much more detail oriented while women can see the bigger picture and take you where you need to be in a place of ecstasy.

This doesn’t mean that men can’t perform tantric massages but it only serves as an explanation as to why it comes so much easier to women and how they’re just naturally connected to their inner selves. 

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