First Time Anxieties

As a follow up to last week's blog on the wonders you will encounter during you first tantric massage, we thought we'd share some of our frequently asked questions from those new to sensual massage. These are the anxieties we hear from first timers and our responses...

A question that some people ask themselves when thinking of starting their journey with a tantric masseuse is that if doing this is ‘okay.’ Many people might be rolling their eyes thinking they don’t need anyone’s approval to have a tantric massage and yet others might have stopped themselves from booking a massage after going over and over it in their mind and wondering if they’re making the right choice. If you’re stopping yourself from a tantric experience due to your thoughts that this might be wrong to do, then this information is for you.

‘Are the massages too sexual?’ There is obvious sensuality attached to tantric massages and because physical pleasure unlocks our spiritual and emotional wellbeing, then Tantra uses this gateway to ecstasy to full benefit. This doesn’t mean however that there is sex involved or that your wishes to have certain things be off the table will not be respected. Your massage is unique to you and whatever you and your masseuse feel comfortable with is what will happen.

‘Is it morally wrong?’ Well morality is, of course, relative but the thing people most worry about here is that if it’s indecent to have a massage. This view is due to misplaced preconceptions about what a tantric massage is. in Let’s be clear, you’re not paying anyone for sex.

You’re paying a trained therapist to help you feel the best you can feel, using the ancient arts of tantra which employ the healing power of sensual touch. Your skin is not and should never be thought of as something it is negative to have touched and to have pampered. Our masseuses are skilled practitioners who have a passion for what they do, and in turn get their pleasure from giving pleasure.

‘What will others think?’ Honestly no one has to know unless you tell them. We are discrete, professional, and what you share with your masseuse is a private, joyous experience of sensuality which only the two of you will understand. 

At Tantric Dolls we welcome you, whether it's your first massage or your hundredth. We also invite any questions you may not have answered here. 

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