Pure Physical Pleasure

Tantric massages are often seen as some physical need and nothing else, something that people do when they feel desperate and that brings forth as much enjoyment as sex. Anyone that speaks out against Tantra states that it seems much too primal, much too physical and not enough spiritual. Of course for anyone that knows Tantra this is simply untrue, the spiritual side of Tantra is just as important as the physical pleasure. But, even if this wasn’t so, what’s wrong with a bit of physical pleasure every now and then?

We seem to act as if we’re about physical pleasure; as if something is wrong with the idea of getting a tantric massage purely because it feels good. The truth is that there is nothing wrong with enjoying the physicality of a tantric massage and in fact it is the reason Tantra actually came into existence. Being able to admit to being sexual beings is so very necessary for human beings. We have needs, primal needs, that need to be addressed and tantric massages are a way of addressing that. This release of our physical needs is not only good but also wonderful.

You feel freed, you feel complete and you feel like you don’t have to pretend not to want something. It is okay to want, it is deeply spiritual to do so. Most of the things we have achieved as a species came from our need to feel physical pleasure. So, even if you are only going into a tantric massage thinking you want to experience the physicality of it all, the nakedness of another person, the joy of their body against yours, the closeness of their breath and the sensuality of their touch… it’s all valid and it’s important that you allow yourself this freedom from social norms.

The moment you reconnect with your primal self, the moment that you realize that it is okay to feel wants and needs then your massage turns from simply physical to spiritual. As Tantra teaches us, a good path to spirituality is actually the acceptance of our physical bodies. 

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